E-Loyalty card

Nowadays, company offers loyalty points for customer every time they purchase in order to build customer relationship as well as motivate them to purchase again. As a result, customer has many different loyalty cards in their wallet such as Shukran card, My Club card, Alshaya card, Air Miles, Club Apparel… The problem are:

1) Our wallet is full of loyalty cards,

2) we forget the cards at the checkout counter and loose the points,

3) we can’t share the points among our family members.

Therefore, E-loyalty card is a platform that connect companies offering loyalty points with customer collecting point. With E-loyalty card, customer can integrate all different loyalty cards in just 1 card and carry with them.  Also, E-loyalty card brings convenience in just an application in your phone. Besides, another benefit of E-loyalty card is the monthly report. Each month, customer can see how many points they have and how much money they spend in that E-loyalty card application. From the companies offering loyalty points, they can advertise and give offers on E-loyalty card platform and they can also receive report on how their stores perform monthly.

Overall, the E-loyalty card platform offers company and customer an integration place where it is convenient, safe and secure empowered by blockchain technology.